Keeping accounts

For many small enterprises, keeping accounts can be a bit of a hassle. When you're busy it can be difficult to keep all the invoices and receipts together, and to keep the ledger up-to-date. But we all need to keep an eye on the cash-flow, and tax forms need to be filled out. Many of us have to do the VAT return every three months.

We can help

We have helped a number of small businesses to sort out their accounts. We take a pile of paperwork, check it, enter the inputs and outputs into a ledger, and prepare cash-flow and tax reports. On average, it takes us about half a day to do the quarterly accounts with cash-flow reports and figures for the VAT return.

What we do

SetupCreate a ledger database for client's transactions
SortingIdentify valid inputs and outputs and sort by date
Data entryInput all transactions into the ledger database
CheckingIdentify and resolve any anomalies
ReportingPrepare cash-flow and tax reports


We charge 100 per day, 50 for half a day. Consulation and general support are free. Our minimum charge for work undertaken is 50. For our smaller customers, it only takes half a day to complete three months accounts.

Your data

Your data is kept in your own secure database on our own server, or yours if you have one. You can access your data at any time, from anywhere that has an Internet connection, by logging into your admin section.

You can sort and filter your transactions, print reports, and do your own inputting and updating if you want.

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