Getting your own website

There are many ways to get your own website. You can do it for free with one of many website building tools and content management systems (CMS) available on the Internet. But to get the best results using a free system requires a fair amount of work and computer experience.

Alternatively, there are professional consultancies and computer companies who will do the work for you - and charge you a professional fee for doing it.

We offer another way. From our work with local small businesses, we have developed our own tools for creating reliable, fully customised websites, with the following features:

FastIt only takes a few days to get a website up and running
Low costA basic website can cost as little as 300 to get online
CustomisedColours, layout and styling to match your business
Admin areaLog in to manage users and upload pictures and other content
Free supportAny problems, minor alterations - just give us a call

Additional features can be added from the start, or at any time later:

Contact list for mailshot and account management
On-line shopping cart connected to your PayPal account
Events page with dates, pictures and details
Stock control with automatic re-order reports
Special reports customised for any purpose
Foreign languages

These features typically take one or two days to implement and cost 100 - 200.

Our websites include easy-to-use menu navigation, with all the usual pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us etc.) displayed in clear, uncluttered layouts.

You can have as many pages as you like, with pictures (its good to have lots of pictures!). You can also have video clips, flash animations, and active maps.

Each website comes with its own secure database. This enables us to offer extra features like monitoring, commissions, salaries, data collection and processing. A great advantage of keeping data and admin functions on the website is that you can access them at any time from any location (that has Internet access), so you don't have to be in the office.

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